The SECUROS TTA Implants and Instrumentation are the newest in Cruciate Repair and available in Stainless Steel and Titanium. The TTA procedure was first described by Drs. Pierre Montavan and Slobodan Tepic at the University of Zurich on 2002. The biomechanics behind the TTA are similar to those of TPLO, and if in fact are true, may provide evidence that TPLO over-corrects the stifle. The procedure it self is simpler than TPLO. Preoperative measurements are made from standard radiographs. A transverse osteotomy is made in the tibial tuberosity, and it is advanced and stabilized utilizing a novel cage and tension band plate. The TTA procedure has suggested that earlier weight bearing and return to function can occur than compared to the TPLO procedure, but studies are not yet available to support these observations. TTA can be used to repair RCCL in most dogs with few exceptions, where TPLO might be better suited.

SECUROS again changed the orthopedic world by introducing the XGEN TTA plates. These advanced plates are faster and easier to use. Without the need of a fork there is greater versatility in contouring the plate, while contouring does not affect screw placement. There is also no concern of separating the tuberosity prior to completing the cut due to force usually needed to seat the plates with forks. By having more flexibility in adjusting the plate orientation the plate can pivot around the top screw till placement is set. The XGEN plate has less holes resulting in fewer stress risers and the hole spacing offers greater proximal/distal placement options on the tuberosity. There is less specialized instrumentation when using the XGEN plate since you are not in need of the fork inserter, drill guide, pegs or mallets. The XGEN Plates as well as the original plates and all SECUROS TTA implants are available in Stainless Steel or Titanium.

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